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Camera Backpacks for DSLR & DSLM Cameras + Photo Equipment - Outdoor Camera Rucksacks for Hiking & Travel

No photographer wants to do without his/her camera and photography equipment if it‘s a question of hiking trips or of going on other outdoor trips for a photo safari. Nor does anyone want to forego the safe, yet comfortable transport of expensive equipment & accessories. It is exactly for this reason that we at Rollei developed our Fotoliner series - high-quality photo & camera rucksacks with well-thought out features, e.g. for hiking or other outdoor uses. At any rate, a photo rucksack of that kind must provide both reliable protection when it is in transit and enough room for your camera and accessories such as tripods, lenses, a spare camera, camera filters, a flash device, memory cards + protection boxes and spare rechargeable batteries. It all adds up before too long. At the same time it must guarantee carrying comfort and ideally should still be suitable for use as hand luggage as well so that supplemental luggage costs are not incurred on trips. Also the weight of the photo equipment must be accommodated and distributed well by a modern, high-quality photo rucksack, which is achieved by our models by means of a flexible, comfortable carrier system and good back padding. Landscape and travel photographers, in particular, who spend a lot of time in natural surroundings or on the road, need a reliable camera rucksack, upon which they can depend for the reliable protection of single-lens reflex cameras (DSLR) or mirrorless system cameras (DSLM), memory cards, lenses etc. against external influences such as water, heat or cold. You can buy the photo rucksacks of the Fotoliner series from us in two different sizes or as a Sling Bag and they are perfect for any occasion whether it is a photography tour through town and country, hiking trips or tracking. We are in constant discussion with professionals during and after the development of our rucksacks so that they meet all of the requirements of a photographer.  It is only in this way that our photo rucksacks can guarantee reliable protection and safe transport, without interfering with your work.

What do I have to consider when I’m purchasing a camera rucksack?

Before purchasing a camera rucksack you should ask yourself important questions:

  • Where and how do I move with my rucksack primarily?
  • How much photo equipment besides the DSLM or DSLR camera do I have with me?
  • Should my photo rucksack be suitable for use as hand luggage, or do I need the greatest possible amount of storage space above all? 

Naturally, we have the perfect product for any need or answer that you may have. But apart from the differences our various photo rucksacks also have many thing in common, which are always guaranteed, if you decide on a Fotoliner bag. Of course, the largest advantage over the normal photo bag is the additional room and the flexible belt and carrying system, which are suitable for comfortable transport over longer distances, whereas photo bags are only carried by hand, or can however be fastened to your rucksack sometimes. For this our photo rucksacks provide diverse attachment options - for accessories as well. Your camera and the photo equipment are protected by a modern padding system, which guarantees carrying comfort and security at the same time.

All Rollei Fotoliner camera rucksacks are equipped as follows:

  • waterproof zip fasteners
  • with a holder for stands
  • Suitable for both  DSLR and DSLM  (single-lens reflex or mirrorless) cameras
  • Main camera compartment on the back
  • Quick access to your camera on the side
  • Many mesh pouches for accessories & photo equipment
  • Several carrying options (comfortable carrying handle/removable lap belt/size-adjustable shoulder strap including a chest strap)
  • Breathable padding on the back for optimal carrying comfort
  • Padded SD card compartment /tablet compartment (Sling Bag) /laptop compartment (M & L photo rucksack)
  • Includes rain protection on the bottom of the rucksack.
  • Flexible configuration of the main camera compartment is possible (lens sizes, etc.)
  • Mesh pouches on the side for drink bottles or the like
  • Feet on the bottom
  • Rubberized bottom for simple cleaning of contamination + rain protection
  • Light deadweight
  • All photo rucksacks are delivered with a protective rain cover that can be applied from the outside
  • The photo rucksacks are similar to trekking or hiking rucksacks so that you can’t access the valuable contents from the outside and this protects you against theft.

All of our photo backpacks provide a high degree of carrying comfort and optimal ergonomics owing to adjustable carrying straps and back padding and they are weatherproof, owing to waterproof closures and a rubberized lower surface. Thus they fulfill all of the demands that are made of a modern camera rucksack:

  • Good padding
  • Ergonomic adjustable shoulder straps and a comfortable carrying system
  • Quick access to the camera (except for the Sling Bag)
  • A flexibly configurable camera compartment
  • Weatherproof zip fasteners and lower surface + a pull-on rain cover
  • Extra padded compartments for laptops, rechargeable batteries & storage devices

However, apart from the things that they have in common, it depends above all on the differences in detail in order to select the ideal photo rucksack.

Fotoliner L & M Camera Rucksack with a laptop compartment - for a maximum of 2 DSLRs/DSLMs, a tripod + accessories

Fotoliner L Fotoliner L open  Fotoliner M Fotoliner M Equipment

The Fotoliner L and M Camera Rucksack is suitable above all for large quantities of equipment e.g. a backup camera, two lenses, large DSLRs, flash devices, a plug-in filter system or screw-on filters, SD cards, spare rechargeable batteries and food supplies such as drink bottles etc. In addition they have a tripod holder. It differs mainly from the M-sized rucksack due to its size, because the L-sized camera rucksack is larger and can therefore also accommodate telephoto lenses that have focal lengths of from around 400 to 600 mm.  Otherwise both rucksacks are flexible and weatherproof and have excellent carrying comfort and offer quick lateral access to the camera. They differ from the Sling Bag mainly because of their storage capacity and the laptop compartment, as well as because of the fast lateral access to the camera and the carrying straps (shoulder strap, chest strap and waist belt) of course. Regardless of whether the Fotoliners are L or M - both rucksacks provide room & protection for at least two lenses, two cameras, a flash bulb, a tripod, SD cards, spare rechargeable batteries, remote triggers and utensils such as cleaning cloths. They have various mounting options and mesh pouches for accessories and a rubberized bottom, as well as watertight closures. In addition both have a low dead weight, are easy to carry on your shoulders and are delivered with a protective rain cover of course.

Material: 1680D polyester (exterior) / 210D nylon (interior)

Deadweight: 1.4 kilos (M), 1.78 kilos (L)

External dimensions:  32 x 25 x 48 cm (M) / 33 x 56.5 x 22 cm (L)

Internal dimensions:  27 x 15 x 42 cm (M) / 28 x 51.5 x 17 cm (L)

For whom are the L & M camera rucksacks suitable?

  • Action and sports photographers (compact & quick access to the camera)
  • Landscape and travel photographers (carrying comfort, storage space for accessories and snacks)
  • Photographers with a lot of equipment and a laptop (laptop compartment and a flexible camera compartment)

Fotoliner Sling Bag – for small photo equipment – small DSLRs and DSLMs

Sling Bags distinguish themselves above all from the photo rucksacks in sizes M & L due to their considerably lower deadweight and smaller packed dimensions. Thus, naturally, there is also somewhat less room for photo equipment.  In the Sling Bag you will accommodate one (DSLR or DSLM) camera as well as a lens and further accessories such as a remote trigger, spare rechargeable batteries etc. There is also a tripod holder available, which is compatible with our compact travel tripods. The Sling Bag is very well-suited for the subject of street photography and for beginning travel photographers, who still do not carry major equipment around with them. In addition, Sling Bags are ideally suitable as a photo rucksack for hand luggage and for traveling light not only because of their lower weight and the smaller mass of stowable equipment. The Rollei Sling Bags can be carried comfortably and flexibly over the left or right shoulder. There is also a comfortable carrying handle for carrying it a short distance. When it comes to the quality, the padding and the robustness, this model is just as well equipped as the larger photo rucksack.

Fotoliner Sling Bag:

  • Waterproof zip fasteners
  • Can be carried both on the right and on the left shoulder
  • Ideal for small photography equipment without a second camera
  • Can be carried as hand luggage
  • Tablet compartment, SD card and safety hook for key ring
  • More small compartments for accessories
  • Flexible camera compartment for various lenses / focal lengths
  • Feet on the rubberised bottom
  • The protective rain cover is also included herein the scope of delivery
  • Breathable back padding for pleasant wearing comfort

Material:  1680D polyester (exterior) / 210D nylon (interior)

Internal dimensions:  19.5 x 11 x 24 cm

External dimensions:  26.7 x 15.6 x 48 cm

Deadweight:  944 g

For whom is the Sling Bag photo rucksack suitable?

  • Amateur photographers with small equipment
  • Photographers, who value traveling light
  • Street photography
  • City trips
  • Holidays / air travel

Tips for handling photo rucksacks - packing list & compartments

  • Stow rechargeable batteries and memory cards only in the compartments intended for that purpose, which are  available in all of our photo rucksacks
  • If you want to carry your photo rucksack as hand luggage, you must adhere to the prescribed weight limits for luggage (normally 5 to 8 kilos). In the case of the sling bag you can be relatively certain that it can always be used as hand baggage. In the case of the size M photo rucksack it depends on the weight of the photography equipment contained
  • Always have at least 2 lenses with you. A universal lens is also desirable. If both lenses really give up the ghost, then it’s better to have a universal lens on hand rather than none at all.
  • Packing list: camera, backup camera if necessary, standard lens + replacement if necessary, additional universal lens, wired trigger, flash device, camera cleaning accessories, spare rechargeable batteries, SD cards, a tripod

Rollei Outdoor Photo Rucksacks:  weatherproof with flexible inserts

Rollei photo rucksacks provide a flexible solution for every photographer. Any photo equipment can be perfectly stowed away due to the many varied compartments. Additional tensioning straps on the exterior of some models lend the photo rucksacks a lot of room for your own equipment. Camera accessory parts can be packed perfectly with flexible inserts, no matter what kind of equipment is involved. Further positive characteristics:

•    Highly ergonomic due to the padded back section, lap belt or shoulder belts

•    Weatherproof due to water resistant zippers and a separate protective rain cover

•    Room for one to two DSLR or DSLM cameras, including accessories

•    Alternatively 10, 25, 35 or 50 litres of internal volume

Rollei Photo Bags for small photo equipment

Rollei photo bags are ideally suited for smaller equipment. They are equipped with many compartments and are often expandable. Like the Rollei photo rucksacks, the photo bags have padding for the protection of your equipment and are weatherproof. The length of the removable padded carrying straps is also adjustable and they are very comfortable to wear.

The bottom of the bag can also be wiped clean and thus can provide optimal protection against dust and dirt for your camera. In addition, the Rollei photo bag is also suitable for attachment to a rolling suitcase and/or trolley.

•    Photo Bag 10 l:  has a padded main compartment,

•    is weatherproof

•    and suitable for use as hand luggage

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